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As an adoptive family, if you do not live in the same state where the child lives or is to be born, then the adoptive placement of the child may be made; however, the placement is subject to a law called the Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children. This law is designed to prevent trafficking of children across state lines for wrong purposes.

Both the "sending" state and the "receiving" state must ensure compliance with their respective state laws. Ignoring or violating the Compact may result in penalties or, in some states, invalidation of the adoption.


While each state has its own requirements, the basic requirements are the "receiving state" (where the adoptive family lives) must approve a current home assessment and verify other documents before the child may enter that state.

What you need to know as an adoptive family

If you intend to adopt a child and believe an interstate placement is possible, it's wise to keep your home assessment up to date. The Kansas Interstate Compact Office in Topeka has traditionally been very responsive and cooperative in this matter.


On the other hand, offices of other states have requirements in addition to those of Kansas or have sometimes been less responsive than the Kansas office.


Therefore, it's important that we determine what the other state will require early on in the process and follow those procedures carefully.

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