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Our Approach to Adoption

Of course, anyone interested in adoption should look for competence, knowledge and experience in those who assist.  Therefore, we recommend that you ask questions, get information, seek counsel from others you trust and pray about the selection of the professionals and others who will facilitate the adoption for you.  

Our approach to adoption is to emphasize trust in all directions.  We are not saying you should trust us without question; rather, that we believe trust is vital to a successful adoption process and makes for the most security in the future regardless of the openness of relationships.  


The choice of a family to adopt a child requires far more trust than most decisions in life.  Again, we recommend that birth parents and adoptive parents get the information they need to feel comfortable and secure with this life-changing decision.


There is no one process to put an adoption together; however, the more open and honest all participants are, the more trust is developed, the more likely the adoption will be without regret.

Adoption is a major life event for all involved. How one approaches adoption can affect the security and relationship of those people for a lifetime.

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